Justlife Cosmetic IPL Laser Gel 5 Litre Cubitainer with Refill Bottle (Clear), Case of 4

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SKU: W1005

Please call 07970 765326 or 020 8453 8889 for information on how to purchase.

Alternatively please email Jo Glenister sales@justcaregroup.co.uk

Hypoallergenic, water-soluble gel used in laser depilation and with conductivity equipment
  • 100% Authentic & Original
  • Hypoallergenic water-based gel
  • For external use
  • Colour: Clear
  • Size: 5 litres cubitainer with a 250ml empty bottle for decanting
  • 4 items per case
To decant from the cubitainer which has flexible packaging,  pull out the neck of the container, lay the cubitainer on its side, then pump the flexible container until the gel exits the spout and fills the 250ml bottle.